Word Up Music Video

When I moved to San Francisco, I wanted to get to know the hip hop scene. So a tiny amount of searching unveiled Thizzler on the Roof, a Bay Area hip hop blog. I hit up the owner Matt and told him I wanted to help however I could, so he conntected me with Word Up for my first shoot.

We met in Oakland with a loose theme of a "one shot" video. As you can see, I got as close as I could to one shot, but my $20 homemade shoulder mount wasn't cutting it very well. I still made the best of it, and when I got home to review the footage, I was happy. So I threw it Final Cut, matched the audio, did some color corrections and stills, and rendered it.

The video was put on Thizzler on the Roof, and I got to meet Hieroglyphics's DJ. Very cool day. Shout out to Word Up and Thizzler.

Tools used:
Canon 5D Mark II and 7D
Canon 50, 16-35 and 24-105mm
Final Cut Pro
Apple Compressor