Shield Advance: Did You Know?

This video was the first in a series designed to inform and entertain Blue Shield employees about Shield Advance, a multi-million dollar technology project aimed at improving claims processing.

At the time this video was made, I was the communications lead for Shield Advance, so I already had a good amount of knowledge on the topic. I used this, along with another Shield Advance employee, to write a script that we thought would interest a general audience. We then solicited an internal candidate for our voice talent and recorded it. Then we storyboarded and came up with look and feel of the video. I then took the ideas, cut up the audio, laid it in After Effects, created the graphics and began animating.

The project had a 2 week deadline from idea to rendered video. This gave me only 3 days to animate and 2 days to edit. But we got it done, and the result was a very happy boss and an informed and amused audience.

Tools used:
Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Bridge
Apple Compressor
Pro Tools
Ableton Live