CardMatch Demo is a both an online marketplace for credit cards and a publisher of original editorial focusing on personal finance. To better assist their customers in finding the right card, they built a tool that matched customers with certain cards based on their personal credit profile. But before the tool launched, they wanted a video demoing the tool and explaining its purpose, benefits and how to use it.

The marketing team of and I went over a script for the demo. Once it was approved, I familiarized myself with the tool and began taking screenshots. I then gathered all the assets they used to make the tool, including graphics and fonts, and roughly laid out the video in After Effects. I then recorded our voice talent, mastered the audio file and imported it. From there I matched the audio to the animation and finished an intro and outro. The video was then reviewed and approved by the marketing team.

The video now lives on the tool's homepage. It helps customers find the right card so they can make better financial decisions, and that's just good business.

Tools used:
Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop
Apple Compressor
Abelton Live
Rode microphone
Presonus preamp