Accountable Care Organizations

This video was made for Blue Shield of California to inform employees, customers, brokers and the general public about what Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are and why they are important. My job was to come up with a way to boil down this complicated topic so anyone could understand it.

First we interviewed subject matter experts, then wrote a script that would explain the topic in an easy-to-understand manner but would still be entertaining to watch. Then we storyboarded and recorded the voice talent. After "mastering" the audio file, I imported it into After Effects and dropped it in the timeline, then made all the graphic files in Illustrator to match the color scheme I wanted and threw them into After Effects. Then I began animating and finally added the sound effects.

The project took about 3 weeks to complete. The animation was done in one week with a few days of review and edits built in. It was received well within the company as both an information piece and a sales tool.

Tools used:
Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Bridge
Apple Compressor
Pro Tools
Ableton Live